About company

As a participant of theFairPay.pl program we support our clients in building the value proposition of their business through the development of a positive payment history record thereby showcasing to future potential customer and partners a proven track record of payment performance.
Vasco Bohemia brings with it a group of the highly qualified and motivated employees, who use their knowledge and skills in providing assistance to our customer’s in selecting the optimal logistic solutions for the given requirements. Our team can liaise in. Polish, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Russian and Czech languages.
On the 18th of October 2011, Vasco Bohemia, after the completion of a successful audit, was awarded the ISO certificate in Quality Management Systems, the certification future outlined our commitment to offering a top quality service to our customers.
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Charity projects

As the founder of the Derandein foundation, Vasco Bohemia is involved in humanitarian aid projects providing support to children orphaned by tribal wars and AIDS.

Strong group

We work together with the leaders – our partners are: Progeco Bilbao, ROMCHART, VINTRANS, Cosco Iberia, COSCON Central Europe, COSVAS ATLANTIC.

International reach

The VCG yearly turnover surpasses 100mln EUR, we presently employ over 220 people in offices across 12 different countries.


Vasco Bohemia Sp. Z o.o. was established in 2003, as one of the six enterprises comprising the Vasco Catalana Holding Group. The main focus for the organisation  is in international transportation, with the emphasis on the transports of goods within the European continent. Aided by the company’s intensive development and growth in services  the company has established multiple departments that are focused on delivering services to particular territories.

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